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[03 May 2011|03:25pm]

Yes, Tumblr has finally eaten my soul entirely. The long version is that I couldn't upload stuff to Photobucket for ages, so I started a Tumblr for my icons, and realized that it's just a lot easier to post stuff there as I finish it instead of waiting until I have enough for a Livejournal post.

So head over there, check out what I've been posting there that I haven't here, and if you would please continue to credit to choushininoru, for simplicity's sake.

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Quotes! Quotes everywhere! [17 Jan 2011|10:35am]
++ 38 Lordkat's Stream/D&D campaigns
++ 11 TGWTG 2011 Charity Drive

You should totes look me up on Tumblr, since that's where these are getting posted now.Collapse )

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[29 Oct 2010|05:15pm]
++ 19 TGWTG (Spoony, Insano, JewWario)
++ 71 Zero Punctuation

Ow, my ctrl+v fingers.Collapse )

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#contextisforskype [22 Aug 2010|07:08pm]
++ 25 quote icons that no one will get

Hashtags for everyone!Collapse )

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Kickassia Icons: Part 2 [30 May 2010|08:03pm]
++ 8 Episode 4
++ 9 Episode 5
++ 5 Episode 6

Episode 4Collapse )

Episode 5Collapse )

Episode 6Collapse )

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Kickassia Icons: Part One [30 May 2010|07:39pm]
Well, still ones, anyway. Animated's coming later~

++ 13 Episode 1
++ 11 Episode 2
++ 10 Episode 3

Episode OneCollapse )

Episode TwoCollapse )

Episode 3Collapse )

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My life is surreal. [11 May 2010|08:35pm]
So in light of at least one actual for-realz TGWTG member using one of my icons from my previous post as his Twitter picture (seriously, Sage, aaaaaah) I feel compelled to provide people a way to support Kickassia without stealing people's faces.

EDIT: And now Film Brain, as well! I am flattered and mildly overwhelmed.

Support the cause without committing fraud!Collapse )

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FOR KICKASSIA. [11 May 2010|05:54am]
I made this right after skydagger posted her awesome caps, so they're not fantastic, but they're here. And there will be more. Oh my, there will be more.

++ 26 TGWTG (Kickassia Trailer)

I have a feeling none of you are going to have a problem remembering this.Collapse )

EDIT: And again!Collapse )

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EET'S ALIIIVE [25 Mar 2010|01:01am]
[ mood | sick ]

I learned how to make minimovie icons! ...sort of. I'm still working out the kinks (and having an Epic Battle with ImageReady; that's why some of these look cooler than others. -_-;)

++ 10 A Very Potter Musical
++ 31 TGWTG & Co.

  • 8 Alone in the Dark
  • 6 Linkara
  • 8 Spoony
  • 9 Everyone Else (Critic, Chick, Ferngully, Cool World, Blackest Night)

AVPMCollapse )

TGWTGCollapse )

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Eheheheh. Heh. [20 Jan 2010|01:01am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

These are all going in one great big table, because it is late and I am tired and I'm really just trying to stay awake until we get confirmation on Yetibaby. Automatic internet cookies if you have any idea as to what the hell that is.

++ 19 Animaniacs
++ 36 Shoebox Project
++ 10 iCarly

Bluh.Collapse )

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HP icons, pt. 3 [17 Aug 2009|02:58am]
++ 26 HP house quote icons

Seems an awful waste...seems a downright shame...Collapse )

There will more than likely be more of these at some point. They're simple and fun and also they are quote icons, which as I've said before are my favorite kind of icon in the whole wide world.


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HP icons, pt. 2 [17 Aug 2009|02:21am]
++ 106 HP house quote icons

Where are your half-blooded principles?Collapse )

One more coming!

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...so. [17 Aug 2009|12:59am]
There was a discussion in the comments of my last entry (you know, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) about iCarly Does Hogwarts. Icons were mentioned. And I did some! And then I got all employed and stuff, and completely forgot the technique I had developed to extricate hair from backgrounds without mangling it. But I'm working on it! I am! In the meantime, have some quote icons.

++ 102 HP house quote icons (bases by wicked_visions)

You're stuck, so take a hammer to itCollapse )

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I wasn't gonna do this. But then I did. [05 Feb 2009|12:26pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I don't like making single-fandom posts if I can help it, but the iCarly icons are piling up and I need a more balanced folder. (Why I can't I be this OCD about things in real life? I would be so much more organized.)

++ 17 iCarly
++ 4 quotes (mizufae's iKiss Picspam of Epic Proportions)

I need some ham.Collapse )

EDIT: Credit for the majority of the caps is now in the userinfo. Also I'm making iCarly/Hogwarts Houses icons now and it's all you guys' fault.


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Um. Yeah. [14 Jan 2009|04:07am]
So there's this comm, called 30kisses, and they have these prompt lists. I've developed the habit of, when I need some creative outlet, opening these prompts and subverting them horribly.

These icons are for the Alpha list. I may or may not do the others, I don't know yet. I posted them in the order of the prompts, so if you're curious you can just look at the file name. (Or go to 30kisses. I feel like I should recommend it if I'm gonna steal their shit all over the place.)

AlphaCollapse )

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Most people would be sleeping. [14 Jan 2009|03:18am]
But not me, oh no. No, I'm clearing out my icon folders because some of this stuff has been in there for a truly ridiculous amount of time.

++ 21 iCarly quotes (7 TMOTSI)
++ 18 Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi

I swear, I ship everyone on this show. Orgy in the Shay loft!Collapse )

Is there a reason Photobucket doesn't auto-copy the links anymore? 'Cause it's throwing me off my groove, here.

A second post coming up very shortly.

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The tags for this post are going to kill me [29 Nov 2008|10:15pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

++ 12 Binchou-tan
++ 25 Kingdom Hearts (both games and the manga)
++ 53 The Moral of the Story Is

Don't leave me alone with Photoshop and a folder full of quotables.Collapse )

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This is what happens when I'm lazy about uploading. [03 Sep 2008|08:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

73 icons, you guys. What.

++ 39 Yu Yu Hakusho (1 variation)
++ 25 Kingdom Hearts
++ 4 friends-only banners (All YYH, 1 variation)

YYHCollapse )

Kingdom HeartsCollapse )

QuotesCollapse )

Friends OnlyCollapse )

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Yu Yu Hakusho out the wazoo [10 Jun 2008|10:57pm]
++ 50 Yu Yu Hakusho anime


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More quote icons! [21 Mar 2008|11:38am]
I'm working on making some proper Torchwood icons, but my caps are sadly lacking. They're on the list, I promise.

++ 5 Torchwood (two quotes, all from 2x01, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
++ 15 Avatar - (4 TWAT, 11 Sokka quotes from s1)

Yeah, Sokka, you really should shut your mouth.Collapse )

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